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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

weird wedding related spam

i'm sure Alparslan won't mind me posting this here. this definitely qualifies as the strangest spam i have ever received (and no hotmail's filter didn't catch it):

Dear Friends/My name is Alparslan nick name is kiwifish!My living
cityyalova atto turkey! Friends Help me please to made!wedding very urgent
anbeatiful newzealand girl I want to me is help please to find! I am
a seaman! Iam a girl friend wanted is your paradise countryat to find!I am very
love newzealand girls! Friend to turkey Anzacwolf my old is 38

Alparslan KobuzoÄŸlu Pasific Roses!Call me
please! if sky page;Seas mürekkep;trys pencil olsa you olan
loves not to speaks!

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