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Thursday, September 09, 2004

witty billboard alterations #1

spotted tonight on Dominion Rd, just down the hill from George St.

and no it wasn't me. honest.


Anonymous said...

There's another one on Ponsonby Road - I suspect someone with too much time and a stencil.

Either that, or the guy from Sesame Street has finally emigrated. "'E'! I'm going to paint an 'E'! This looks like a good place".

span said...

there seems to be something of a rash of the E's - i tend to suspect the right rather than the left, as the left would attack Banks first and foremost and I haven't seen a lot of that, except for a few lost little swastikas drawn on in vivids.

was the E guy Elmo? i always thought he was too cute and was more of an Oscar kid myself ;-)

stephen said...

Yo it's me, Mr Anonymous, signed in for your comment-viewing pleasure.

In my youth, which I suspect was rather longer ago than your youth, the guy on Sesame St who painted letters was a human with a short hippy beard, a black bowler hat, overalls, a bucket of paint and a brush. He would roam the streets looking for nice blank surfaces to paint the letter of the day on - then he would be busted by some uptight bourgeois and hilarious chases would ensue. No muppets involved. But looking back, it was early 70's counter-cultural children's viewing. The streets and buildings belong to us, the people, and we shall paint groovy letters on them!