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Sunday, September 19, 2004

popcorn protesting

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DPF has blogged about the picket by Reading cinema workers over the weekend. there's more about it and some pics on indymedia too.

i'm stoked this has gone so well - the organiser involved is a good friend of mine, hard working, and these are mainly young workers experiencing unionism for the first time. the company has given them a large serving of arse, with a "negotiator" who wasn't given a mandate to settle, withdrawing (crap) offers he has made to the workers from head office in Australia.

one of the big beefs for the workers at Reading is the continuation of youth rates there. the work is identical, for those above 18 and those below, yet there is a big difference in wage.

and the reason for the popcorn? Reading makes a huge profit off the candy bar, as anyone who goes to any cinema will know ($4 for a bag of popcorn!), and their workers decided to hit them where it hurts.

congrats to these workers - you did a fab job of organising yourselves and i hope the company comes back to the table with a decent offer.

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