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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Banks, Act, Tamaki, National, etc

Lots of speculation about Banks running for Act in Tamaki. Rumours about Pakuranga are drying up. Interesting though that people seem to think Banks could win Tamaki easily, even without National help. I'm having flashbacks to Waitakere 2002 myself.

Sagey reckons that Tamaki voters will leap at the chance to BOGOF. My experience in Waitakere was that this argument didn't actually hold much sway with the locals. They didn't seem to understand that if they elected Laila Harre they would also get Lynne Pillay, no matter how much we beat them over the head with it. We had (reliable) polls that showed Laila could win the seat too, but when Labour got their (union) muscle out in the last two weeks, to keep the seat and punish the Alliance, it was all over red rover.

But there are some differences between 2005 Tamaki and 2002 Waitakere. Much of the conflict between Auckland activists in Labour and the Alliance dates back to the NLP split - that feeling of betrayal that pervades the lefties who stayed with Labour has created problems even for me, despite the fact I wasn't around at the time. There were definitely leading activists (and MPs) who were keen to crush the Alliance in 2002, even though Anderton was gone by then.

Act and National don't have this history. However there is considerable conflict between party members at all levels. The current public bickering isn't helping. They still look like rivals, not complementary partners, and they are running out of time to change their approach...


sagenz said...

plus Tamaki know they would get Banks rather than lynne pillay ;)

span said...

although now that we hear that Banks is in fact still in National and may not be a member of Act perhaps they won't be getting him at all.

i have to say i find that kind of thing v dishonest and arrogant - being a member of one party whilst actively promoting another (hence my discomfort about all the Maori Party stuff McCarten was pushing in the Alliance a while back).

Rich said...

I think the Nats are quite sensible having a rule that their members can't join other parties. Does Labour do the same?

I guess you might have a different situation where someone isn't a member but works for the party as a professional organiser or whatever.

span said...

I think though in that situation, Rich, you would expect the party member to be quiet about either their membership of a different party or not be in the role of speaking publicly for the party they worked for. (i hope that makes sense, not in the most coherent state right now)