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Saturday, March 26, 2005

when is a job not a "real" job

Via Bhatnagar I stumbled across Kerry O'Connor's blog Doing It Right.

Of course it is rightwing and of course I don't agree with most of her posts (if any). I'm sure she won't find much that ticks her boxes here either.

But one thing did jump out at me which got my goat a bit. In her post about how socialists raise her blood pressure she says the following:

"...blood pressure is high because these people are morons who have never has a REAL job (a job in a union is not a job - it is biding time). Therefore, they have no perspective in life apart from the narrow manhole that they look out from."
Now I have a union job, my third union job in fact. As you might expect, I know rather a lot of unionists (even some I disagree with strongly in the arena of politics). And there are very very very few who I consider are "biding time".

I'm not quite sure what Kerry means by this - I would dearly like to know. What are we waiting for? My guess is that Kerry thinks we are all hanging on to become Labour MPs. It's worth noting that there are 100s of unionists around (and that's just the paid ones, there are many many more unpaid union activists who are members). They have divergent political views, from each other, from their unions, and definitely from the Labour Party.

Unionists are like any other workers - some embrace their job and work hard at it. A few coast.

Of all the groups of political types I have met in my short years of activism the ones who are most deserving of the label "biding time" are in fact student politicians. In fact the very nature of being a student involves a large amount of time spent biding, waiting to become what you are learning about. Nothing shameful in that, but I really do think perhaps Kerry should be careful where she throws her "not a real job" stones...


Xavier said...

Apparently the hundreds of hours I worked as a checkout operator, gardening labourer, mail boy, receptionist, market researcher, pizza delivery call centre worker and insurance assistant aren't real work. Jesus that pisses me off.

span said...

Why is it not real work X?

I wasn't referring to the other jobs student politicians work, if that's what you mean, just trying to point out that the student political part of being a student politician does seem to be a case of getting something flash on the CV for some (particularly those on the right in my experience). And that the very nature of being a student is that you are biding your time, to a certain extent, until you can do what you are studying to become (or something else entirely).

Xavier said...

Kerry basically says that lefties have never had a real job. That's insulting - according to her, all the work I've done isn't 'real'.

Graham Watson said...

I have gone to her blog and lol she is WRO at Vic, and very right wing. How unusual.

She appears to suffer from the same intolerance of opposing views that I have seen many on the left exhibit.

I side with Span in that of course working for a union is a real job. People are free to collectively organise and contract advocates in the marketplace. You would think even someone on the right would appreciate that.

Unions are an important free market mechanism to ensure a balance between capital and labour, of course as long as they aren't compulseory.

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