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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

more National Front nuttiness

Not only do the National Front see the Alliance as a major threat to the future of "unique NZ European culture" it appears their Youth Wing is standing up against the New World Order, which includes Zionists, MTV and C4 (they will be so proud), and of course "the junk food chains."

Look Darp is doing this all so much better than I ever could - I'm still rolling around on the floor laughing about C4. I wonder how the NF feel about NZ Music Month?


Kakariki said...

Ha yeah, but their youth wing uses MSN to communicate, go figure.

Scott said...

You've got me checking out their wacky forum now. Favour thread so far is 'Is it OK to like hot Asian babes?'

span said...

kakariki - know thine enemy? or perhaps they are more opposed to ICQ than MSN? it must be hard sometimes, deciding who is higher up the hate list ;-)

scott - hmmmm, an Important Question Of Our Time, methinks