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Saturday, April 02, 2005

that time of year part V - Mar progress report

The latest on those pesky New Year's Resolutions.

1. Get a new job in the area I want to work in - tick to the new job, no tick to the roller skates.

2. Exercise more - tennis mates have deserted me but I am going to kick their arses into action for this Wednesday. Also no more valid excuses to put off swimming. But have definitely been totally lard this last month, urgh.

3. Think positive - definitely going well. New job helping a great deal.

4. Resist over-committing - have set myself specific tasks to commit to in a set time period and hoping to manage to stick to them. Recent events have made me rethink my (lack of) commitment to family and I am definitely going to spend more time on this now.

5. Get at least one stamp in my shiny unused passport - tick (see Vietnam posts, more on that still to post)

6. Finish the kitchen - well right now it is pretty tidy. But I don't think that cleaning counts as decorating.

7. Get up to date with my Alliance projects - didn't knock the one off that I had intended to have well finished by now, but hopefully will do so soon. (Although this could be a tui ad in the making). Am being more realistic about what I can achieve, so that is All Good.

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