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Saturday, April 09, 2005

strange things lurk in the blogosphere II

Found this "handy" list of the frequency of blog names.

Well, it would be handy if it were in alphabetical order. Shame really.


Badaunt said...

Select all. Copy into spreadsheet document. Select all. Sort.

I now have the list in alphabetical order. What's it supposed to be useful for, again?

(I would paste it in here but it's a bit long... want me to email it to you?)

Anonymous said...

In Summary:

88 right
51 left
7 centre
8 confused

span said...

badaunt - thanks, did that and you are right, it's not as useful as i thought it was. but it could be handy for those considering setting up a blog, so that they might avoid the wellworn blogname tracks (good to see there is only the one spanblather).

anon - eh?