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Sunday, April 03, 2005

what is worse?

DPF's comments on my post about Capill have got me thinking...

What is actually worse - someone who is a hypocrit and abuses a little girl whilst being a morals campaigner, or someone who is upfront about their sexual depravity and not only talks about it but carries it out?

Just curious about your thoughts folks.


Graham Watson said...

The hypocrite is worse. At least with the up front one you know what to expect (as unsavoury as it may be) and can take precautionary measures. The hypocrite in this case uses the classic trojan horse tactic

Apathy Jack said...

I think that's like asking which is better - being burned alive at 300 degree, or 350 degree - either way, it still sucks.

What I don't like is the fact that people are saying that the fact Graham Capill has always been anti... well, everything, makes this better than it would have been had it been some poor annonymous pervert who voted Labour.

Now, I freely admit, the fact that Graham has always gone on record as saying that sexuality is a chocie and no one (specifically those dirty filthy homosexuals, but also by implication your friely neighbourhood nonces) is compelled to act in sexually deviant ways, certainly makes it funnier than it otherwise would have been, I don't see that Graham Capill abusing a small girl is better or worse than anyone else doing it...

Mellie said...

It's an interesting question, span.

The question concerns an illegal activity and it would be interesting to mirror it with a legal activity so as to validate the 'up front' about it kind of thing. I mean, an 'up front' paedophile wouldn't last long and would thus be harder to use an example.

For example, a minor who beats their little brother up. The 'up front' one would piss me off but the reaction to the hypocrite would be far worse.

A question back at you though: do you think Graham Capill is a weak-willed hypocrite with actual faith and failings, or a deliberate and cynical hypocrite whose faith is an absolute facade?

I would be of the opinion for the former - that he has major inner conflict: tremendous guilt and dishonesty conflicting with Christian values. I never liked him though.

span said...

you're right Jack, it is all bad for the little girl. the one good thing that might come out of it all though is that some people who have been subsumed into fundamentalist churches that exploit them (financially and otherwise) may start to question their leaders. perhaps i'm a bit too glass half full on that one.

I don't think Capill was a trojan horse, cynical and deliberate. i agree with Mellie - weak-willed is a good way to sum him up I think. He obviously needs help and i sincerely hope he gets it.

And "help" is not a euphenism for "rape in jail" or "another beating". I know, I'm a softie.