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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A few facts about the lock-out and Progressive Enterprises

For your edification (and mine - I didn't know some of this stuff either):

  • NDU Workers in Auckland and Christchurch earn between 80c - $2.50 per hour less than their colleagues doing identical work in Palmerston North.
  • The workers are seeking for Progressives to recommit to a national collective agreement. The company had agreed prior to the Australian takeover last year. Now the company has locked workers out until they drop this claim. That's right, a claim they had previously agreed to.
  • Last year Progressives announced a 24.3% increase in profits to $A1.1 billion. This is not a company that can legitimately cry poor. Unlike these distribution workers.
  • Progressives' CEO made over $A8 million last year. That's in Aussie dollars. Even if all the workers got full and immediate pay parity (as opposed to stepping it in) and an 8% pay rise it wouldn't even touch the size of the CEO's pay packet.
More fuel for the fire I guess.

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