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Sunday, September 10, 2006

This blog now in Beta

Let's hope Beta Blogger doesn't go the way of Betamax...

Anyway, apologies to those who are having problems commenting as a result of the shift to beta. My advice is to use the Other or Anon functions if you are finding you can't use your normal profile.

My main motivation for shifting to beta was to get myself some shiny labels. I've got nearly 600 posts to categorise, since June 2004, and I've done approx the last 50. It's slow work.

Alas my recent comments hack, so generously provided by AL* many moons ago now, doesn't seem to work in the beta format. I'll hopefully manage to hunt down one that does at some point in the future, but any hattips on this gratefully accepted.

Also I hope to be blogging a bit more on politics in the next week or two. I've got a post about the future of the NZ Left in draft form, including covering the Alliance, as requested in recent comments, which will hopefully be up by week's end.

Any feedback about the new look most welcome. And thanks for reading!


* Is it old news that Aaron Bhatnagar has returned to the blogosphere on Sir Humph's? I note that former figment of everyone's imagination, AJ Chesswas, is also commenting there. All that's really required is for some of the About Town team to join their number and surely we have a conjunction of the constellations of the NZ blogosphere that signals the beginning of the End Times? Or perhaps I need more sugar.

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