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Monday, September 11, 2006

Pledge! (no, not the furniture polish)

Idiot Savant has set up a pledgebank for those interested in supporting the locked out distribution workers at Progressive Enterprises, who've now been without pay since August 25th.

Yes a tiny number have gone back to work - the economic pressure of having no income is rather extreme after all. They've had to agree to quit the union to make this return, from what I've heard, which is not something they would do lightly, given the commitment they'd made and how long they've gone without money already. Not to mention the knowledge that they would be letting their workmates down. Not a nice place to be in, but one many families are having to face as the company shows no willingness to return to negotiations after several weeks of this.

So let's help the remaining workers, over 500 of them, to stay out for as long as they need to. There are lots of ways you can make financial donations or show your support, including supporting I/S's pledgebank by clicking here.

Every little bit will make a big difference to these workers' everyday lives - right now and for the future.


PabloR said...

Span, have those who have gone back to work signed individual contracts?

I agree with solidarity etc, but it seems unfair that those who were simply unable to keep the wolves from the door as long as others will not benefit from any positive outcome the Industrial action is able to achieve. They were after all, off work for a reasonable amount of time.

Span said...

I agree PabloR but my understanding is that they have been told (by the employer) they cannot return to work unless they resign from the union, and therefore they would be going on to an individual agreement as they wouldn't be entitled to be covered by the collective anymore.

I'd like to hear more detail on this point from anyone who knows more, I have just heard this through the grapevine myself.

PabloR said...

Is it not illegal to make employment conditional on membership or otherwise of a union?

Span said...

Yes but I don't think it's actual employment that is contingent - they are still employees while they are locked-out, they're just not paid employees as they are suspended. I don't really know the in's and out's though, sorry.

PabloR said...

You're not the font of ALL knowledge? I am disappointed! :)

Span said...

Yeah, me too! ;-)