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Saturday, October 09, 2004

a bit more local bod news

firstly, i made a few errors in the elections posts below, due to my haste in posting in some cases and in others due to results not being quite final and things changing slightly in a few places - with small margins slight changes can be significant - i'll come back and fix them on the morrow.

secondly, Hubcaps rocked up to the City Vision function this arvo - i'd already gone home to rest up before Caligula, but The Man Who Sits In The Comfy Chair reported back that Hubbsie was much more savvy than he has been portrayed in the media, in particular not giving too much away in his speech to the CVers. there were no loud proclamations of Hucker as Deputy Mayor, so clearly that's not in the bag just yet.

Hubcaps did however speak about the importance of the community boards, and that he thinks they are crash hot (probably not in those words). Given that there is a review of ACC's electoral arrangements coming up during his mayoralty, and CRN has expressed a desire in the past to do away with community boards, this could be reasonably significant.

thirdly, interesting to hear NatRad announcing that the centre-left has taken 13 of the council votes - this is rather generous as it must include Hubbers and the two Action Hobson people (none of whom are going to vote with the centre-left on everything I expect) and Faye Storer
from Waiheke, who has certainly worked with the centre-lefties in the past, but again, not 100% of the time.

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