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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

the perfect food

i've found it, at last, and it is popcorn.

i defy anyone to suggest a superior foodstuff.


Idiot/Savant said...

Chocolate, of course.

stef said...

pizza. it's just like sex. Even if it's bad it's still good.

span said...

you can't put salt on chocolate (well not with positive outcomes) but you can put sugar on popcorn and it's still yummy (which reminds me, i need breakfast)

and pizza really is too large a group - there's something that appeals to everyone because you can put whatever you want on it! a cop out ms thompson :-P

jarrod said...

I'm awfully sorry to have to rain on your parade, but I must respectfully disagree with your assertion vis a vis popcorn's perfection.

The perfect delivery method for food is unquestionably a sandwich - almost all sources of sustenance are improved by inclusion in such a meal.

Popcorn, being an exception to this general rule, falls well short of perfection in my book. Have you ever tried a popcorn sandwich?

As an alternative, I nominate potatoes. They please all but those who shun carbohydrates (I would suggest bacon, but that would leave out Jews, Muslims and vegetarians), and can be eaten in so many delicious ways. And they go wonderfully in sandwiches in a variety of forms.

span said...

well sandwiches are good, but they're a bit like pizza - a bit of a cop out as you can put anything you like in them to make it something you personally would like. personally i'm not a big sandwich fan - unless it's fresh bread, and decent too, and there's no butter or marg or anything else i don't like. i'm quite fussy so probably only 1% of sandwiches, if that, would meet my exacting standards. this must be how i keep my model figure (not)

potatoes are a good call though - i can respect that. in fact i respect it so much i am going to consume one of their number in the stuffed and baked variety this fine evening - yum

stef said...

that's why pizza is great cause it can have anything on it. Though the koreans take it a bit to far. They regularly put potato (yikes) kumura(ick) and corn (just plain wrong) on their pizzas. Of course you always get a side serving of pickles with them too. Why? I don't know.