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Saturday, October 09, 2004

those important little people

theme music: in the neighbourhood (sisters underground)

let us not forget our community boards in all the kerfuffle about mayors and councillors!

in Auckland City the centre-left has clear control of four of the nine community boards - Avondale (5 total - 4 City Vision, 1 Citizens and Ratepayers Now), Eden-Albert (6 total - all CV), Tamaki (5 total - all Labour), Western Bays (5 total - all CV).

Of the other boards, I know basically nothing about Great Barrier (5 independents out of 5 seats) and Maungakiekie (5 Team Maungakiekie out of 5 seats). I suspect that Maungakiekie must be centre-left though, as C&R stood against TM.

Hobson is an even split between C&R and Action Hobson. The highest polling candidate last time, C&R's Aaron Bhatnagar, has lost his seat - not sure what that's about! This will certainly be an interesting board to sit in on from time to time. (Not that I will)

Mount Roskill has 3 C&R and 2 CV. This is no change from last time. The Man Who Sits In The Comfy Chair can sit in it a while longer, having come second to last, but with a smile on his dial.

And Waiheke has 1 CV, 1 C&R and 3 Independents. At least one of the independents, Faye Storer has centre-left tendencies. Not sure how this will play out.

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