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Friday, October 01, 2004

feeling a bit icky about this

so coddington and kerr have had some kind of weird falling out. Whiggy, amongst others, have blogged on it already and I know i should be happy, as a leftie, that two of the most right wing people in public life are in this situation, but i have to say i feel quite a high level of discomfort.

perhaps it's the personal nature of it, and the fact that it sounds very similar to an experience i have had - but i don't think anyone benefits from this kind of thing being dragged through the papers. yet another example of gossip being reported rather than news :-(

i have to say if i was Catherine Judd i probably would have denied it too - even right wingers deserve a bit of privacy in these circumstances.

does that make me a hypocrit or just a decent human being?

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