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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

decision reserved...

well the first case in the Supreme Court was heard today - yup that pesky Act v Awatere Huata one. arguments were heard, the five judges have retired, and are now reserving their decision.

given that this is the first case the Supreme Court has heard will be interesting to see if they overturn the lower courts - will they want to throw their supreme-ness around?

anyone have any ideas about when we can expect the decision? i have a vague memory that it took about two weeks last time?


Jessie said...

It's bound to take ages. Nice summary here.

span said...

thanks for the link Jessie - what's up with Donna's hair?? is she auditioning to play Cher in the movie-of-the-week?


i imagine getting five judges to agree, or agree to disagree, and write something saying this in a long-winded way will take quite a bit of time... the actual decision on whether she stays or goes is probably much faster

i wonder if they would want to go for a majority verdict on their first case too - they must be thinking about the politics of it all in the back of their minds.

Jessie said...

// the politics

Definitely. But who knows. They're an unpredictable lot.