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Monday, March 26, 2007

Christians and loins

I was going to just put this in the next Linky Love, but I can't keep my plug for it to a simple sentence.

I would think this one was written especially for Messr Chesswas*, except that I don't think Jill knows he exists. Plus he's "on a break" for Lent, so I feel a bit naughty goading him with it.
Jill highlights a very worrying trend amongst the group of young Christian men covered in a US survey on modesty - not only do they hold views that men are superior to women girls, they further dictate that fathers, brothers, husbands or "brothers in Christ" should be the arbiters of a woman's decision on what she wears (and in fact most other things). This would certainly reflect comments I have seen some Christian male bloggers** make in the NZ context.

Amanda Marcotte is on the case too, particularly examining the responses to a question about a woman's girl's posture or position being a "stumbling block." Apparently the ideal stance for those of the female gene pool is slouched. Don't even think about making eye contact.

Not that far from this to the burqa, folks. Which means I'm gonna make me a bumper sticker that says:

Fundamentalist Christians & Fundamentalist Muslims
Have Different Attitudes to Women? Not so Much.

*Actually I think Apathy Jack would really really like this one. I can hear his future chuckle from here.
** I'd like to acknowledge that there are many young Christian men of my personal acquiantance who are not misogynist fools. I even know some who respect women and treat XXers like actual real life human beings, and partly justify their beliefs about these matters by reference to their Christian faith. Good for them says me!

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Paul said...

Just reading the questions was a stumbling block for me.