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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Reminder - Blog Stats due rather soon

The end of the month was nigh, and so it was time for NZ pol bloggers to check and submit their blog's post and comment counts for that period of 31 days. Hot cocoa on their desks next to a lit candle stub, the bed-hat wearing pyjamaheed did wipe the sleep from their eyes and tap gently at their keyboards, careful not to wake the sleeping cat on their laps as they did their sums.*

So anyway...

To ensure publication in the first attempt at the March Bloggage post please be sure to email in your stats (to spanblather at gmail dot com) as follows:

  • Subject: March Bloggage
  • Blog Name
  • Blog URL
  • x posts (required), y comments (desired), z something else (if you are so inclined)
by 6pm April 1st (that would be Sunday then).

Thank ye kindly,

PS Here are Feb's stats in case you are in need of a reminder of what this is about.

* Any excuse for a pic of a bed hat!