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Monday, March 19, 2007

Trade Me Stuff

Is Stuff's news crossing journalistic ethical boundaries into blatantly promoting Fairfax stable-mate TradeMe? Particularly as there are now a rather large number of online auction sites springing up, doesn't it seem a bit odd that Stuff puts all its emphasis on that one site?

Hat tip to Satsuma Salad, who has the above link and a some a couple of other examples in her Fairfaxwatch category.


Rich said...

Is blatant commercial plugging under the guise of journalism considered unethical here? You could have fooled me!

On the rare occasions I've had talkback radio inflicted on me, the announcers often read advertisements scripted to sound (to the thicko demographic that follows talkback) just like the non-commercial content.

TV is also laden with advertorial, e.g. Family Health Diary, etc. I'm fairly sure news presenters are allowed to front adverts, but may be wrong in that.

(Maybe I only notice this as an ex-pom. UK rules are quite strict on making ads look like ads and not editorial and I'd become used to that).

Span said...

Good points Rich, I guess I expect more from RNZ Nat thought!

The Family Health Diary (and its ilk) drive me nutty. You shouldn't be able to advertise prescription drugs directly to people, you need a professional's advice on what is best for your situation, and all that advertising cuts right across it.

Many magazines are terrible at advertorials too, sigh.