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Monday, March 26, 2007

Sometime today...

this blog passed 100,000 hits since I installed the Statcounter.*

I have no idea how this compares to other nz pol bloggers, and frankly I'm just really stoked to have made it to here myself. I'm sure only 30,000 of those hits were self-produced ;-)

Thanks so much to all the readers and commenters who have kept me going with their hits and comments, despite my fickleness about whether to continue this strange little experiment.

Although I'm tending towards bitter and grumpy again at the moment, I hope you'll bear with me - I usually come out the other end within a week or so!

Ta muchly,

*About four months after Spanblather actually started. I'm not really very good at the early adopting.


debra@dagcentral said...

Cheers, Span - long may you wave. :)

Snowbabies said...

Congratulations on 100,000 hits!

Gerrit said...

Keep it coming Span. All good stuff.

Span said...

Aww thanks folks! I wasn't expecting any comments on this post, really touched at your thoughts :-)