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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Linky Love - Volume 10

Ok this is published a day earlier than usual, cos it's full and cos there are some other admin type things I need to put up tomorrow morning. Enjoy.

Standard intro - if you have a post of your own, or some else's, that you'd like to highlight please feel free to add it in comments, or to discuss the above posts, or indeed most anything else.

Adventures in Lame - Realization: I'm An Angry, Humourless Feminist - Reb delivers the rant that has many times sat just above my own heart at the hearing of yet another dumb "joke" that isn't actually funny.

DagCentral - Kiwis in Amurrica: nau mai, haere mai... - DC covers the recent Clark-Bush tet a tet, from the point of view of a leftie American who hearts NZ.

Feministe - Why Feminism Is Still Necessary - zuzu exposes one particular case of harassment against a woman blogger, but riffs on the general theme as well.

The Fundy Post - The dog ate my homework - wherein Paul Litterick eventually recreates a recent piece he wrote for Craccum and thus reveals to us all how hard it is to be a tory.

Larvatus Prodeo - WorkChoices one year on - Mark looks at the impact of the Australian employment laws brought in last year by Howard. Two word summary? Not good.

Liberation -The farce of democracy on the Representation Commission - Bryce Edwards writes about the bias of the Representation Commission (which decides electorate boundaries) and the irony of David Caygill representing Labour on it.

New York Times - Why I Was Fired - One of the US District Attorney's fired for "performance related" reasons (said "performance" being the loyal Bushie role he neglected to play) writes about the scandal.

Pandagon - Fighting the system - Sheezlebub follows up her post on the cost of our economic system (listed in Vol 9 of Linky Love) with some practical suggestions to challenge it.

Pandagon - As motherhood slowly changes into a choice - Amanda Marcotte writes in response to a Guardian article looking at three generations of women and the changes in attitudes to motherhood, birth control, and assorted related matters.

PunkAssBlog - On Trolling and PunkAssBlog - A damn fine post on what is, and isn't, trolling.

Sparkle*Matrix - Second Life: Rape games ~ update - Some pretty sick news about online role-playing game Second Life, brought to us by sparklematrix.

Tales from the Reading Room - Sleeping With The Enemy - litlove contributes her thoughts on reviewing a manuscript for a publisher, something every aspiring writer should check out.

WIMN's Voices - Top Model's beautiful corpses - Jennifer Pozner covers the America's Next Top Model scandal. Yes, I tend to agree with Pozner (and incidentally many others who have posted on this in US feminist circles) that taking photos of models made up to look like they died violent deaths trivialises violence and even dehumanizes women.

And don't forget, previous volumes of Linky Love can be found in their own shiny category.

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