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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Weather Talisman the Third

Because I really really need the weather to hold up for tomorrow!
I'll put my order in:
  • sufficient wind for sailing but no white caps
  • wind direction preferably not directly on to or off the beach
  • no rain
  • light to medium cloud cover
Ok, fingers are crossed.


stef said...

Nice weather where I am right now!

Gerrit said...


Could I have a direct link to your weather God? (Or as sailors are likely to call him/her, Huey)

Weather was just as you ordered.


Span said...

Weather wasn't quite right where I was - wind was a bit too strong (we had to sail with a reef, which I hadn't done before in this type of boat) and the direction was annoying, meaning we took on a lot of water getting out from the beach and decided to come back one beach down the coast where it was more settled. First sail I've had in a decade and it was great.

But you are correct, the rest was all good, and it even rained at the exact right time (when I wanted everyone to start packing up to go home!)

Gerrit, if I ever work out what the trick is then I will offer you a discount on the secret ;-)