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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Word verification temporarily off

Darling readers (and commenters in particular),

It has come to my attention that some of you are having difficulties with the word verification thingy on the comment form. Namely that the scrambled letter picture is not appearing.

To rectify this I have turned off word verification until such time as Blogger fixes the problem or I drown under a sea of spam comments.

I hope that this will be an efficacious solution for the time being.

Yours always,


saskboy said...

I prefer the blogger blogs who leave the captcha word thingy turned off anyway, and let anonymous users participate without going through the blogger sign up process.

Span said...

Thanks for the feedback saskboy, I've always allowed anon comments without sign-up, and I think I'll trial this no verification thingy and see how much spam I get too.

When your blog is new/small/doesn't have a lot of linkage, then the spam comments are rare, but once you have been around long enough to have some decent rankings on google searches the spam is more of a problem. I think. We'll see!