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Saturday, April 28, 2007


Taken on Oakley Creek Walkway, April 2007

It has been like an extended summer here in the Queen City,* as the good weather has gone on and on and it still isn't even that cold. The horrible rainy days have largely been restricted to times when I have had out-of-town people visiting. But surely the sunshine can't last much longer...

*I actually don't know if Auckland is the Queen City. But it ought to be.


Paul said...

Auckland is indeed the Queen City. It's raining.

Span said...

Thanks for confirming Auckland's superiority in regard to having a sub-title related to our reigning monarch. That is surely good to know.

Yeah, it's funny how every time I blog about how good the weather is it packs up.

che tibby said...

there might be a job for blogging you in australia.

if you can make it rain in northern victoria or western new south wales like it did in auckland yesterday, you might have single-handedly saved the murray-darling.