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Sunday, April 01, 2007


Now that Spanblather has been going for well over two years and made it across that 100,000 hit milestone I think it may be time to 'fess up.

Early in my blog career I was rather frequently mistaken by readers and other bloggers for a man. However the mistake was not quite as I portrayed it.

Their error was not that they had attributed a Y when there was an X. It was that this persona I had created, who morphed from "Spannergirl" to "Spannergrrl" to "span(ner in the works)" to just "Span", was supposed to be a chick and those damn fool readers who weren't fooled were a pain in the arse. Luckily I seemed to overcome my early mistakes as I grew into the "woman" you see before you, and now there is little doubt of my irrational femininity.

So finally I can reveal, after Spanblather's biggest month ever, that in fact I am not a young(ish) leftie feminist woman, although "Span" is modelled on just such a girl I knew in my university days. Snivelling socialist bitch that she was, at least she was useful for this little project.

Those who read Kiwiblog know the real me. There I comment frequently and with gusto, purging all my true thoughts about the Stalinist Left and this communist government and working out all the guilt and rage that I feel from this deception I have practiced upon you all. My words on Kiwiblog are my true words - the strong and undeniable truths of a red-blooded Kiwi bloke who believes in individual responsibility, a minimalist state, and an end to politically correct namby-pamby bullshit practiced by those who generally just need to get over themselves, do a hard day's work and stop drinking bloody chardonnay.

Ah, that feels so much better.

Yours in the fight against Clark's creeping Communism,


sagenz said...

brilliant. if only it were true :)

dpf said...

Heh hilarious.

But isn't MW going to be in for s surprise? :-)

jo said...

but isn't Redbaiter Russell Brown ?
either way its fairly deceptive.

llew said...

I thought I was Redbaiter?

Dave said...

Very good, well done. Did hubby approve?

Span said...

Gosh I can't remember last time I had comments about my husband. I going to be charitable and assume that you are making a further April Fool's joke in thinking that I need to consult him over anything I write on my blog.

Actually I think we all know that Sonic is really Redbaiter. But it was nice to pretend for a few hours that I was indeed capable of maintaining in my head both a fervent leftie and a rabid right winger.

jo said...

Thank god you're not a man Span, you REALLY had me going there. Seriously.
I'm relieved, though kind of realised it was all a mad joke at around 1am this morning after hours of torment over the loss of the real you.
Meany!! sigh*
I was just making up the rumour about Russell Brown, totally out of left field.

Span said...

Sorry to scare you jo! You're lucky you went around during the AJ Chesswas Conceptual Art Project days, that would have really made you lose some sleep.