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Monday, April 23, 2007

Tricky Trackbacks

Many's the time that I've linked to another post and then I go look at it and my post isn't coming up in the Links to this Post section, even after a few days. Here's an example, where a commenter says they found the post through this blog, but there's no automatic linky love down the bottom of the page.

This is starting to get me down. I don't expect the blogger to notice I've linked to them and add it in, but I would have hoped that the mysterious interweb pick-up thing worked for Spanblather as well as it seems to work for other Blogger blogs.

I'm not sniffing conspiracy here - do readers have any tips on what I am doing wrong?

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Paul said...

I may be a little dense on this topic, but is there any more to linking than copying and pasting the URL?

morgue said...

Trackbacks confuse all heck out of me. They were good online etiquette for a short while, but no-one could make them work so they became optional extras. I sure can't work them.

Span said...

Well thanks for sharing your similar lack of knowledge! ;-)

Make Tea Not War said...

There is something funny about your links. With WordPress the dashboard shows all incoming links- except for yours. I also have my blog set up for pingbacks (which I think means when someone comments externally and links to a post it turns up in the comments)- but yours don't.

I have absolutely no idea why this might be. Just confirming that something isn't working as it should. Maybe there is a setting in blogger somewhere (?)

Span said...

Thanks mtnw, I've just checked, and saved the settings again, and I have got that ping thing on, always have had, but I feel like I've had this problem a long long time...

Very frustrating, but I do appreciate you confirming that there is a problem!

Legal Eagle said...

Oh dear, I'm totally hopeless, I can't work out trackbacks or links either. Sometimes people who link to my posts show up on my blog, sometimes they don't.

Will have to get my clever, clever sister to try and help me. If she gives me an answer, I'll let you know.