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Monday, April 23, 2007

Gore to run for White House?

Nickname Pending has long had a theory that Al Gore will make a bid for the Democratic nomination for 2008, and Craig at Celsias has a newspaper report that may prove him right...

As I suspect Hilary Clinton and Gore do not get on, that would rather scupper the possibility of that VP-P combination, but Obama and Gore, who knows?


Apathy Jack said...

I've seen some footage that has John Kerry being pretty cagey over offering a denial that he's going to throw his hat into this ring.

Span said...



I think that's a stupid idea, right there, that one about John Kerry running again.

Ghet said...

I talked to a guy who works in the US Embassy in Wellington who is absolutely sure Gore ISN'T going to run again. Much as I'd love to see it, I don't believe he's going to either. He wants to be doing what he's doing. There were a lot of people dead sure Gore was going to announce his candidacy at the Oscars, too.

He could still have enormous influence in the campaign though, if he threw his support behind a candidate. I don't think he'll do that until after the primaries, though.

Heine said...

Kerry was so bad that even President Bush called up Bill Clinton to tell him (during the last campaign) that Kerry was killing Clintons legacy.

Al Gore is best left to throw his support behind one of the two front runners rather than split the party further. He is a one issue man, and he now has to back up his environmental creditials as he has been backing out of debates with environmental scientists of late which can't be great for his credibility.

My pick for democratic nominee, Hilary!

Span said...

I don't think Hilary will get the nomination, and I don't think she can win either. I think she's pissed off a lot of people, including a lot of US feminists who would normally have been her allies, and she also voted for the war, which I think is going to be one of the defining issus of the campaign.

Heine said...

True, there is that to overcome. And Hilary has a less than proud record regarding her attitude to jews and blacks in the past which will get more exposure if she did run.

Although Obama has been pinged for using his office for spending on political activity, I doubt that will hurt his chances.

Actually, the more I think about it the US is probably more ready for a black man to be president than a woman!
I still reckon the talent pool is rather low - comparing it to the GOP have put up. It will be a tight battle in the end.