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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Not Forgetting - Anzac Blogging Roundup

Herein lie all the blog posts I've found so far for this Anzac Day, 25th April 2007. All NZ unless otherwise noted.

Reports on various events:
ANZAC Day in Devonport - Juha was there
Anti war protest in Auckland - John has pictures from the Dawn Ceremony at the Auckland War Memorial
ANZAC Day - welly_girl was watching the telly coverage of various dawn services.
ANZAC Dawn Service - Chris was in London
Wellington Anzac Day Protest - anarchafairy
Opposition to War on ANZAC Day - John has reports and photos from around NZ and also Australia.
Early morning for Otautahi Cats! - jo has a pic from the Christchurch vigil.

Reflections & opinion:
ANZAC Day must be opposed - anarchafairy
The Anzac Spirit - me (Span) responding to anarchafairy
I really want to know - Maia continues the conversation of the previous two posts, and has cross-posted this at Alas.
Anzac Day 2007 - Jordan Carter
Thanks Old People - Apathy Jack posted something Eric Olthwaite wrote at some point in the past
Lest We Forget - the blonde canadian (Canadian)
Anzac Day: Dawn Parade - The Strategist
Wally of the Week - Judith Collins - Chris awards this for Anzac Day-related reasons.
Dawn Service - DPF
More on ANZAC Day - DPF again
Shameful Disrespect - Adolf Fiinkensein
Lest we forget - Zen Tiger
ANZAC Day - morgue
A Simple Test - more from anarchafairy
ANZAC Day - trs
Honour the Dead., No More Wars - There Is A Time And Place For Everything!! - James Sleep
Damage of war makes Clark "sick" - James Sleep
Top Ten Reasons Helen skipped the Dawn Service - Cactus Kate
has this place become permanently infested with socialist apologists and historical revisionists? - Pyscho Milt
In 'lest we forget' we forget too many - Joe Hendren
Po Whakamutunga - dagcentral (USA)
One sleep to go - David Slack
ANZAC Dawn Service, Wellington 2007 - Phil
ANZAC Anarchists; short-sighted, ignorant - Phil
And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda - Make Tea Not War
what the? - Che Tibby
Lynch and Tillman and ANZAC protest - morgue
Already forgotten - Maia
Anzac Day - Eric Othlwaite
The car is broken and we're all well spoken - amarynth
(no title) - buzzandhum

Poetry & similar:
Anzac Day, Devonport - a contribution from Kevin Ireland posted by Craig Ranapia
Anzac Day - doddery old fart has the words of Ataturk which are carved in stone above Anzac Cove.
Anzac Day - The Strategist has 'For the Fallen'
Lest We Forget - tigtog has 'For the Fallen' and an open discussion thread about the day (Australian)
On Anzac Day - we will remember them - Webweaver has rather a range of related poems.

If your post is missing please feel free to add it in comments, and if I get a chance I'll add it in.

Updated, 5.54pm 25th April - added second post from DPF, posts by AF, w_g, ZT, morgue. Updated, 1.13pm 26th April - added two more posts from anarchafairy, posts by Chris, trs, JS (x2), Cactus Kate, PM, JH, dagcentral
Updated, 6.19pm 26th April - added posts by DS, Phil (x2), MTNW, CT, EO, jo, second posts from morgue, John and Maia.
Updated, 9.50am 27th April - added posts by amarynth, b&h and O-B.
Updated, 10.29am 29th April - added post by Webweaver

Thanks to morgue for hunting posts down too!

(Pic taken walking on Anzac Cove, April 2006)


Strategist said...

Thanks for the link Span. I enjoyed reading your post on Anzac Day - thoughtful and considered.

Juha said...

Good round-up! Surely they don't lie though? :)

Cactus Kate said...

You missed my top 10 as to why Helen did not make it.

Juha said...

Oh, sorry. Was it good?

TRS said...

mine here :)

Span said...

All added, thanks for the nice comments :-)

Phil (Pacific Empire) said...

An excellent roundup. Can you add my posts? please?.. :-)

Span said...

Please will get you everywhere phil - done!

morgue said...

Thanks for this roundup Span, invaluable.

morgue said...

Also: one from the land of livejournal:

morgue said...

And another ANZAC post, this one from my blogroll: