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Friday, April 27, 2007

Kindly help out a city-bound blogger

Further to the discussion here about liking sheep, and not cows who run at you...

Is this a cow or a bull?
Cos it wasn't very happy with me, and then my arm wasn't very happy with its head.
Thanks in advance for your assistance with this matter.


Stephen said...

Span, if those were the young cattle I saw while jogging in Cornwall Park yesterday, then they appeared to be of the male persuasion.

If the floppy baggy bit has two prominent lumps and no teats, it is a bull. You can see an appendage answering that description peeping out from behind the rear leg of the beast in the background left.

llew said...

BTW - you want sheep? I have sheep to give away :)

Legal Eagle said...

I agree with Stephen - they look like bulls in the background to me, and I doubt they'd put bulls and cows together, so I'm guessing that's a bull too.

Eek. Hope you are ok!

Gerrit said...

I bet it is a Steer. Bull with its testicles removed. Grow into a cow shaped animal but have the male appendix but no udder (there are some dreadful puns in there!!)

Much more manageable bovines then a straight out Bulls. Its what all the bull bobby calves end up as, if not sent to the works as veal.

It was just being inquisative an if you stand your ground you'd be OK.

Gerrit said...

Have removed the testicles from a number of Bulls calves. Just slip a tight rubber band around their goolies and they fall of after about a month.

which is propably information overload for the townies.

Dodderyoldfart said...

These sir, are penguins.

Norwegian Blues, I believe...

Span said...

Yeah stephen, it was in Cornwall Park, a few months back.

Thanks everyone for your help, I basically didn't pay it any attention, beyond photographing it, cos I assumed it was a nice gentle cow, and then I realised that it looked awfully close through the lens. No damage done, other than a bit of a sore arm and the sudden realisation that bovines are very big, and even if it wasn't trying to get rid of me it could have done a lot of damage by simply stepping on my foot.

llew, kindly stop trying to pimp your sheep to me. Unless of course you want them to starve in short order - don't you know a decent section in Auckland costs mega bucks? ;-)

dof - whatever you are on, I'd really quite like some!

nellta holdings said...

Late to the game - it looks like a steer, but given that he's part of a herd and the white fella in the background has a full set of low-swinging balls...
I'm going to guess bull.

Lucky that is an 'inquisitive' look he's got on his face. I've got a pic somewhere of the look they get that means 'disappear'.
here (Please do not look at the words - he's on a mock-pRon site)
This fella is a two year old Angus, gentle as can be but he was focussed on protecting his herd at this moment. Note the head down, sidelong look, scraping hooves - that means he's prepared to get mean. Unless you're reading his mind; if you see that, you get yourself to safety (out of his view and preferably on the other side of a solid fence or hedge). Cows are usually only dangerous if they're protecting calves.

Your boy looks like a Simmental - and he's gorgeous.