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Monday, May 14, 2007

And to be flippant for a moment...

Here's an invisible mother of my own daily acquaintance. I'm sure Mara won't mind me telling you, 'cos she's a cat and she can't read. The SPCA estimated she had at least two litters before we adopted her started living with her, but of course we've never seen them and from her kittenish nature many assume she's never bred.

She looks a bit grumpy in this shot. Two options; 1. I'm projecting; or 2. She gets fed-up with having a camera lens stuck in her face whenever she's just sitting around. Really, who can tell?

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jo said...

I think she almost looks like shes scheming a plan, or perhaps reflecting on the changing season, she could be hearing the call of the wild, or maybe she's just going for the serious and poised profile look. Either way she looks young for her age.