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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy families

Bitch PhD has posted about an intriguing American quiz on contemporary families. It reminded me of David Slack's quiz on Treaty issues, as it's all about debunking common conservative myths.

Although it's obviously American I suspect there's a certain amount of safe extrapolation for our culture too. Have a go and decide for yourself!

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ex-expat said...

The easiest ways to do those quizes is answer the option that is the most counter-intuitive.

Cathi said...

Yes, I found that too

sagenz said...

feminist propaganda. what a crappy test. the last one is asbolutely false. being expressed only in terms of a child having a better relationship with their father when the mother is not around. Ignore the benefits to children of having their mother around.

I also like the way it purported to be 1965 vs 2005 and then the question on drugs and violence was only compared with 10 years ago. well drugs and violence have gone down over the last 10 years because abortion has meant less unwanted children being born. refer freakonomics for the complete argument

che tibby said...

didn't score all that highly aeh sage?

Craig Ranapia said...

Well, I think it's always wise to be rather sceptical when any statement ends with the words 'a study says'. Perhaps it's just because I've seen too much methodologically unsound - or outright deceptive - social pseudo-science being used for political ends not to have the b.s. detector on a hair trigger.