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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Like Maia I was a bad leftie yesterday and didn't do a May Day post (the April Bloggage doesn't count by any stretch of the imagination). Here's a poster I rather like in lieu.

Luckily brownfemipower has up an amazing array of protest posts, Our History of Protest. Also the gossip blogged about the difference between May Day in Europe and the way that New Zealanders celebrate workers' day - it's as if we were on opposite sides of the planet! Oh, wait.

Anyhoo, I missed the Auckland May Day march, managing to get there just in time for it to be all over. I did go to the CTU Hollow Men forum though, with Nicky Hager, Raymond Miller and Laila Harre, and hope to blog on that some time in the next week or so. Some very stimulating speeches and discussion, although I just shut up and took notes. Nice to also to put some faces to names and catch up with some old friends.

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jo said...

neither did I! I'm just gonna blame the weather. Though I'm luckily gonna escape to Auckland next weekend to visit big sis! Still Autumn up there?

G7 said...

Hey Span - thought you may be interested in commenting (in a post of course) on the idea that women should pay less tax.