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Monday, May 07, 2007

The Ultimate in Pointless Internet Memes

Thanks to Blogthings I now know what kind of pie I am.

I cannot believe I have gone all these years without knowing this!

And no it is not Mud.

You Are Lemon Meringue Pie
You're the perfect combo of sassy and sweet Those who like you have well refined tastes

Updated 8th May 8.52am: Fixed link on quiz so you can do it too.


LeftAlign said...

Hey Miss Lemon Meringue, that's not fair! You promised me enlightenment on all the existential questions that have been plaguing me, but then when I click on the link I find it doesn't work. Now I have to go through a whole day without knowing what kind of pie I am.

I did manage to console myself by discovering what kind of cheesecake I am (chocolate mocha and orange - enthusiastic and intense), but it just wasn't the same.

Span said...

Fixed! Sorry about that, I have been managing to really mangle links in posts lately.

Hewligan said...

You may not be, but it turns out I am mud pie.


Span said...

Mind you, something I hadn't considered until just now, being Mud makes you cool in a Hermione kind-of-way. That's got to be good.

G7 said...

I may have to eat you now.

Span said...


That's not creepy at all.

Dark Daughta said...

I'd like to be a pie. Pie wouldn't be so bad. It's gender neutral. It's race neutral. It's sexuality neutral. It's class neutral. It's so neutral, it's almost not there...once you eat it, that is. If I was a piece of pie and I was eaten, then I would no longer exist. In effect, I'd be neutral. Sigh...what bliss. I want to find out what kind of pie I am too. Long live banal internet memes. I'd like to be a meme. Memes aren't so bad. Meme's are...