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Monday, May 21, 2007


Well I was a little shocked to end up 8th (417 points) in the Bloggers Challenge for the Virtual Super 14.

I did very badly indeed at the start of the season, but I think two factors helped me gain form at the right end of play:
  • Strictly following my strategy of picking whatever the TAB gave the best odds (except the first week, which was before I thought of this)

  • Remembering to make picks every week
Big ups to dj_krysus who finished top with 444 points, despite getting no points in the final round.

I still know next to nothing about Super 14 - the teams, the players, the coaches. I don't have a team to support (Harbour being in an unholy alliance with Auckland for the Blues franchise, shudder) although I kind of cheer for the Highlanders because I like their spirit.

I used to follow rugby religiously from when I was old enough to focus on the telly screen until about the mid 1990s, when my obsession with politics came to the fore around the same time as local legends like Bunce and Little retired. I understand the game, but I get too uptight watching the All Blacks and I admit I find it hard to watch Harbour get punished season after season. Especially when I live with an Auckland supporter.*

Anyway, thanks to DPF for setting the challenge up; t'was fun.

* Mara is a Manawatu follower like her grandfather. As a result she has even less drive to watch footy than I.

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