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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I'm down to Wellington for work tomorrow, for the rest of the week.

I'd kind of assumed, seeing as Welly and Auckers aren't really that far apart, that the weather will be what I've been experiencing up here this week, minus the humidity. That would be rather warm and sometimes even sunny.

But then someone emailed me about something saying they hoped I didn't freeze in the Capital - are readers from the bottom of the North going through a cold snap?

Information appreciated!

(Yes I could just check the weather forecast, but, and I know this will be a shock to some people, they aren't always right...)


Asher said...

Yesterday and today have been great. Before then was pretty horrible though.

I wouldnt worry too much, I think we might be over the worst of it.

Aucklander At Large said...

Yeah, the weather has been great today - I only had to wear one jacket instead of 2...

Asher said...

Really? I only had a t-shirt, and I was more than warm enough.

Span said...

Well thanks for confusing me! :-)

Luckily (or not) I have to take a big suitcase to take down some work stuff for a colleague who has just shifted offices, so I've packed for warm and coldish.

Cheers though, the effort is appreciated.

Sofiya said...

You can never be sure with Wellington weather. Sometimes it's lovely, but you need to take a jacket with you wherever you go, just in case. We've had a rotten summer, but there have been some nice days this week, so yay.