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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Things - the return

So before I forget that I did that list of Things and file it away under failed attempts at New Year resolutions (like last year), here's an update, more for me than you.

Some of the list o'Things are just done or not done:

Tick-boxes - completed (or nearly)
x15 Jump drive - purchased, have started filing photos so that I can put the best ones on the stick and hide it.

x18. Buffy - Maia has agreed to be my dealer. First delivery next week!

x31. Dye my hair - done.

x35. Avoid Limewire obsession - have strictly curtailed my visits to around the beginning and end of each month, to avoid totally stuffing up the broadband limit. Keeping a little list of songs as I think of them, not feeling any danger of obsession now that initial splurge is over. Phew.

x37. Mole check - done.

And then there was the stuff that was more vague, and I can't really tick it off until I look back at the year in December and see how it all went:

Amorphous - going well
x3 Exercising more - yep, trying to get to a point where I actually want to exercise every day, and seem to be reaching it. Nickname Pending's sister is an inspiration in this regard, she seems incapable of going a day without a significant jog, and although jogging isn't my bag I am playing a lot of tennis against the wall. Need to find some inside exercise options though, other than the gym (which includes the swimming). Suggestions in comments welcome.

x4 . Haven't worked a single extra hour since we started on Monday. But it's only Thursday. In fact I've been incredibly slack on the whole work ethic thing. I don't feel too bad though, as long as I'm not the worst in the office.

x8 . Keep blogging here - going ok so far, despite the dirge of political news (making stuff up doesn't count apparently).

x10. Commenting more frequently on other blogs. Starting to get into a routine, which is good.

x14. Crosswords - yep, so far.

x21. The Thicket has suffered several concentrated pruning sessions since I posted this photo. However there is still a long way to go. But it's not feeling impossible anymore.

Well that's not too bad for less than a fortnight.

Oh and the pic is heinously uplifted from here.

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