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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Going tribal

Noticed over on I See Red, Tony Milne has put up his Tribal affiliation as a Grey Lynner.

It's a pretty simplistic test, but I did it anyway, with the results below:

The Grey Lynn Tribe - Intellectual

The highly educated intelligentsia who value ideas above material things and intellectualise every element of their lives. Their most prized possession is a painting by the artist of the moment, they frequent film festivals, secretly wish they had more gay and Maori friends, feel guilty about discussing property values and deep down are uneasy about their passion for rugby.

Well I'm not that into art (although I do like beautiful things) and I think I've been to three or four film festival flicks ever. But I do feel uneasy about my passion for rugby, and I'm not that interested in talking about property values. I have a lot of gay friends, but could certainly do with more mates who don't share my white bread background!

A few things about the test - it's a bit weird that the tribes are almost all named after Auckland suburbs. Sure a third of the population live here, and that's over a million people these days, but it feels a bit wrong. Also it asks a bit about background and I come from a family which is working class on one side going back generations, and reasonably nouveau riche on the other, so there's quite a clash there that meant there were a few boxes I could have ticked but the other side of the family cancelled it out. Perhaps I'm just a bit too anal about answering quizzes!

And as a piece of promotional material for the book, 8 Tribes: The Hidden Classes of NZ, it's pretty dandy.

Rich has come up with a few additions to the list of tribes, to cover the likes of Michael Boulgaris and Graham Capill.

I'd be interested to track the tribes of other bloggers, so please let me know if you do the test, as I have a high suspicion many of us are going to be Grey Lynners. Although I'm betting Asher will be Cuba St. I wonder if there will be any difference between right and left?

Other bloggers' tribes:

Also in comments for this post are the tribes for: Craig Ranapia, Ghet, Asher, Krimsonlake, MTNW and Stef.

(Updated 17th Jan to include new answerers, will make with the linky love on the weekend folks, right now I'm off to Welly for a few days hard work).
(Further Updated 20th Jan to include lots more)
(And even further updated 21st Jan to add Gonzo)
(Yet more updating 24th Jan to add Pam)


Craig Ranapia said...

Sory for comment whoring, but I did the damn thing and posted this comment:
"Oh, God bless pop sociology. Apparently I'm 55% Raglan free spirit, 30% Balclutha staunch and 15% Otara transvestite (apparently men is skirts are a distinguishing feature of the tribe), with Cuba Street and North Shore cancelling each other out. What this means I have no idea..."

I've thought about it for a bit, and I think I'm Vita Sackville-West with a willy, and without the arty/artistocratic social set.

Ghet said...

I'd like to see Vita Sackville-West with a willy, I suspect it wouldn't make much difference...

And I read an article about this the other day, did the 'tch, bloody pop psychology thing', and then noticed that the Chch suburb for Grey Lynn was St Albans, which is right where we're currently looking at buying. Because I want the renovated villa.

so yeah, it turns out I'm about half Grey Lynn and 30% Cuba St, which is about what I was expecting.

Asher said...

After you mentioned your prediction for me, I couldn't help but do the test ;)

I turned out, in a surprise, to be a bit of everything really...'cept Remuera and North Shore, thankfully.

25% Grey Lynn
22% Balclutha
18% Otara
15% Cuba St
15% Raglan
0% Remuera
0% North Shore

I think the main reason for my low Cuba St ranking is that I'm not concerned enough with trends or being an early trend-setter. While Te Aro (the suburb Cuba St is in, for non-Wellingtonians) is probably my natural home, it has become massively gentrified and far more upper-middle class as a whole, and that gentrification is what I think the "tribes" theory takes as being Cuba St, when in reality that is only the above ground face of Cuba St, while Cuba's dominant persona is still there but more hidden.

Krimsonlake said...

I got Raglan, with a not so close runner up of Papatoetoe.

stef said...

I'm convinced this test is ass as I was a Cuba Street/Raglan. As I think I'm the antithesis of both Avante-Garde and free sprinted.

Make Tea Not War said...

I got Grey Lynn, closely followed by Cuba Street, followed by Raglan with a negative for Papatoetoe.

It's kind of fun & probably has some grains of truth in it somewhere- I certainly remember lots of Remuera types from law school days- but in terms of substance it reminds me of some research I heard linking coffee drinking habits to supposed personal qualities. Cuba Street- short black- edgy, highly caffienated! Lambton Quay - long blacks - would be edgy! the Provinces - Cappucinos - umm...likes coffee with froth and chocolate sprinkles!

Span said...

I just realised I got 0% for North Shore, which is patently absurd!

Ok, I've decided (from on high) that this test is bunk. Humph.

Maria von Trapp said...

here's me:

Grey Lynn
North Shore

haven't blogged it sorry