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Monday, January 01, 2007

Not my New Year's Resolutions

I have a few goals for 2007, some of which I'm keeping to myself of course. I'm not going to indulge in the kind of blogged accountability exercises I did here in 2005 (and tried in 2006, but failed). I don't think anyone was really interested and it became a bit of a chore reviewing it every month.

I was tempted to do a 101 Things list, as suze has done, but it sounds like too much work coming up with them all, so I'm just going to create an x Things list (where x is a variable representing however many things I feel like putting on the list at any given time).

So here it is then, my x Things list, hopefully for completion in 2007. Open to edit of course.

x1. Finish the kitchen (is it just me or was this also on the 2005 and 2006 lists?)
x2. Get to grips with bit-torrent (having just been introduced to the marvels of mp3s, thanks to a very useful Xmas gift, this is surely the next step in bringing Span into the new millenium)
x3. Exercise more (yes, yes, most common new year's resolution and all that, but I actually quite like it). To be more specific, this will be achieved through an increase in the following activities (not exhaustive): tennis, swimming, gymming, roller-skating, walking, cycling (added Jan 2nd), skipping, heavy-duty gardening (added Jan 5th).
x4. Avoid extra hours of work (no more motivation now that I have annual leave again as of today)
x5. Worry less (distraction is the name of the game)
x6. Procure Casino Royale on DVD (whoever thought Cactus and I could agree on anything?)
x7. Get copies of all the Green Wing there is in the world on DVD (this does not include hoovering up all other copies for others, but is limited to one copy of each available for moi)
x8. Keep blogging here, and maybe also elsewhere
x9. Fix the puter (or rather pay someone else to do so) so that my profile works again and I don't have to use Nickname Pending's
x10. Comment more frequently on the blogs of others (first and foremost those on the Regular Reads list)
x11. Purchase some decent black boots without ridiculous heels
x12. Organise a kick-arse reunion in March for my fellow Ancients
x13. Sort out the bookshelves, and hence the books (after all, they aren't going to shift themselves now are they?)
x14. Do more crosswords
x15. Sort out one of those memory stick things (the words, they escape me) to deal with my anxiety about our hard drive being stolen and all of my photos being lost to me.
x16. [secret]
x17. Wear my contacts more often.
x18. Make a commitment to getting more Buffy into my life (starting from a base of zero)
x19. Work out how to be less enraged/irritated/annoyed by The Misanthrope (this may involve removing him from my life, although my most recent attempt was unsuccessful)
x20. Get a spare set of AA Sony Rechargeables (and AAAs)
x21. Clear the thicket
x22. Fix the CD burner (no, it's not the software)
x23. Be less sarcastic
x24. Take B vitamins
x25. Turn the back room into a decent spare bedroom
x26. Play Bastard with Johnny the Red et al

Ok it looks like today x is equal to 26.

That'll do to be going on with.

Update, 2nd January 2007:
As inevitably happens with these kinds of posts, I thought of some more, such as:
x27. Use less petrol
x28. Use less electricity
x29. Do my neck exercises (and fend off those damn migraines)
x30. Go to some live comedy
x31. Dye my hair
x32. Attend at least one Harbour game
x33. Try the Box n Kick class at the gym
x34. Be more assertive with certain workmates who have made dumping an artform
x35. Avoid getting totally obsessive about Limewire.

Update, 5th January 2007:
But wait, there's more!
x36. Clean out the fridge
x37. Get my moles checked
x38. Have a proper dental check-up (not just the hygenicist either)
x39. Tackle the oven
x40. Try Idiot/Savant's hot choc recipe (in comments)
x41. Create that artwork I've been meaning to do
x42. Replace the ugly and odd lampshade in the bedroom (it urks me everytime I look up, which is quite often when you are lying in bed)

Ok I think I should stop now. If x is equal to 42 then that sounds to me a rather appropriate number. In other words - DNA would approve.


Make Tea Not War said...

Maybe its just me but I watched the first episode of the newest Green Wing season & was quite disappointed. After the incest thing they don't really seem to being going any place good to me.

Make Tea Not War said...

Good luck with the resolutions too!

Span said...

I missed the final of the first series, so I sort of missed out on the actual incest, only saw the aftermath, so perhaps that was an advantage.

The last episode of the second series (and they are only making the two, plus an Xmas special that is showing very soon in the UK I think) left me a bit cold. It suddenly got quite series.

And thanks for the luck, I think I'll need it!

stef said...

Bit torrent is easy. Though I shudder to think what it's like on NZ connection speeds!

Also my blog is about to become redundant as I will no longer be in Korea.

Span said...

Oops that should say serious not series in my last comment (about Green Wing).

I hope bit torrent is easy. Unfortunately I think I used almost my entire monthly allowance for broadband yesterday satisfying my new found need to procure mp3s, so bit torrent will have to wait at least a month.

Stef - You could always just change the name of the blog - Philosophically Made for example has had various incarnations. Do you feel you may want to keep writing? I would very much like to keep reading...

suze said...

Oh! My list! Thanks for the reminder span :)

I like the use of a variable number. I might have to adjust my list and maybe steal some of your items.

Buffy could be a possibility. I ought to like Buffy, I loved Firefly. Although I must finish Carnivale first.

And maybe "blog less" is more in line with current mood.

Span said...

No problem suze, thanks for the inspiration!

Maia is helping me with my Buffy problem, wohoo!

I tried blog less and I missed it, so I've tried to find ways to blog that don't depress me - seems to be going ok so far.

Good luck with your list!