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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Honouring the 5%

In homage to this post and the resulting thread at Public Address, which in turn is a response to that Herald on Sunday editorial (sadly and somewhat suitably offline) about what a curse we bloggers are upon the world.

And here's more cat blogging by your gracious host Span.


Make Tea Not War said...

My goodness- I'm glad I don't bother reading the Herald. I don't expect much from them but all it would take is the tiniest bit of research to find that a lot more than 5% of bloggers are just ordinary people harmlessly passing the time wittering about recipes, books & the like

Mara is very photogenic. I especially like the one of her biting the coloured string.

stef said...

awwwh cute.

Span said...

Thanks guys, Mara purrs in your general direction!