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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A golden view

Okie dokie, who takes the chocolate fish?

And big ups to Gerrit for the tip-off about filenames, I won't be making that mistake again, not that it seemed to be the source of the guesses for any of you.


Span said...

Do you require some clues?

Joe Hendren said...

the Vatican, or the pope must have turned catholic.

I wished I had more time to look at those old maps they were cool.

Span said...

curse your well travelled Leftie butt Messr Hendren, you are correct. As the only person to have guessed one right so far who I actually know in real life I might have to deliver on that chocolate fish. Drat.

Damn, I thought I might have finally stumped people.

New one up!

Joe Hendren said...

Imaginary choc fish fine, but if I do get a real one I will put photos of it on my blog.

I am pretty certain I know what your latest on is too, but I will stay quiet and give other people a chance otherwise I will be in danger of becoming a chocolate fish monger :)

I have thought of a really obscure clue if you want me to share.