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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Do Pass Go

One of the good things about flying to Wellington for work periodically is that I get to peruse the Air NZ mag and dream about other places I'd like to travel to (nice as Wellington is).

When I flew last week I noticed a little item in the mag about a website encouraging NZers to vote for a new set of street names for a new NZ Monopoly board, or rather vote for where on the board they should be (highest number of votes will probably be where Mayfair usually sits).

The new Monopoly is to be called "Here and Now", and asks you to vote in each region for one of three landmarks. For example the Wellington choices are the Cable Car, Oriental Parade and the Rimutaka Ranges. Auckland's are Rangitoto, the Sky Tower or the Viaduct Harbour.

While it's quite nifty (and the website is certainly grand), I'm not sure I get the idea of having monopoly properties that a) aren't streets and b) are often public parks. How much rent could you charge someone to stay in the Sky Tower? Or on a cable car?

Anyway, you can vote once a day in each region before Feb 11th, and you can follow the results live as well.

Don't say I never post anything meaningful and useful ;-)


Greg said...

vote for the Beehive!

Span said...

I don't think it's an option Greg. Sorry about that.

Greg said...

Yes it is. Under the Culture and Lifestyle section.

Span said...

Ooops, thanks Greg, I assumed (making an ass out of me in this case) that the sections were just a different way of ordering the options in the regions, but clearly not! Will have to go have another vote now :-)

Greg said...

Also, if you use a browser like Firefox, you can clear the cookies for the site, and vote many many times each day.