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Monday, January 23, 2006

face to face

Found this dandy Time Waster, via Hey...Listen, who was in turn found via that Miracle of Procrastination the Next Blog button.

You upload a head and shoulders shot of yourself and their handy database works out which famous people your facial features most resemble.

My results included:

It would be fab for me to say - oh yes I am a total cross between Alyson and Pen, how did they know! But the truth is I look nothing like any of these people. (Ok, maybe a bit like Eric Idle.)

But back to the time wasting bit.

Being of a political bent I decided to try a politician. It was hard to choose, so many head shots of them, so little time, but in the end I decided, in honour of the fact that he does actually blog, to try out Rodney Hide.

And here's what My Heritage came up with for Rodders(you might want to take a seat first):

So far My Heritage is not doing so well on the accuracy front, but is definitely in A+ territory for .


Ron said...

Hi back ! Nice surprise to find a comment after my first post. I'll have to be more diligent about it. Thank you !

span said...

No worries, thanks for commenting back :-)