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Saturday, January 14, 2006

the union myths series - index

This, as the title says, is the index for my union myths series.

This prefaced the very first post in this series, way back in September 2005:

Around the traps I've seen a few comments over recent months which show the ignorance of many on the Right in regard to unions. I guess I shouldn't really expect them to know, given that they've probably never been in one, but in the interests of enlightenment, here is the first is a series of explanations for those bloggers who currently wallow in their ignorance and then spread it around.*


*and because I am too lazy/busy to continue to run around trying to deal to these misconceptions when they are popping up elsewhere.

Here are the actual posts to date:

This post, Labour ain't labour, is also related, although written prior to the start of the series, and I will be writing again on this theme in the near future.

Suggestions for future topics are welcome, on the back of a postcard* please.

*by which I mean in comments.


Mellie said...


- the conflict between collective action and democracy - (ie majority rules, not consensus/condorcet/preference voting). I should probably do that one myself since I took a paper on democratic theory!

- protection/marginalisation of minorities in a union

As a start at least! Those are some tricky ones I wonder about...

Mellie said...


Union and employer partnerships.

Such as the PSA's Quality Agreement or whatever it is... A tricky one again, which I'd like to answer but can't quite fit together on the same page. :)

span said...

thanks Mellie - i'll add them to the list :-)

Maria von Trapp said...

here's a good union myth: "unions only encourage their members to go on strike and don't add anything constructive to the employment relationship."

maybe I should tackle that one, seeing as I did an essay on the positive influence intermediaries such as unions can have on health and safety outcomes.