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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

On in Auckland tonight

A meeting at the Greens Office to organise around Sue Bradford's Private Member's Bill to abolish youth rates.

The below is from the GPJA newsletter:

SUPPORT SUE BRADFORD'S MINIMUM WAGE BILL - In the last Parliamentary Members' Bill Ballot of 2005, Sue Bradford's Bill to remove age discrimination in the minimum wage payable to 16 and 17 year olds - the Minimum Wage (Abolition of Age Discrimination) Amendment Bill - was drawn.

The Bill is due to be debated in Parliament on 15 February 2006, which means we have to act quickly to develop support for the Bill and try to persuade Labour and New Zealand First MPs to support it to Select Committee. Sue has therefore called a meeting to organise activities in Auckland in support of this Bill. This organising meeting is open to all supporters of the removal of age discrimination, so feel free to circulate these details widely to your friends and email lists you may be on.

For further information, contact Ivan Sowry, 09-361 6202 or

I'm hoping to head along and see some of you there.


Kate said...

Span, did you get to this? I am interested in getting involved as much as I can.. do an update or email me

span said...

Actually I didn't in the end, due to work stuff, but I suggest that you email Ivan, via the email in the post, and he will add you to the loop (which is what I have done).

Also if you are going to Summer School that could be a good time to sound out a few relevant people...