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Sunday, January 01, 2006

own goals

I never used to make New Year's Resolutions, but in the last few years I've found them a useful way to give myself a bit of a kick in the arse.

My round up of 2005's attempts at self improvement was posted yesterday, so today must be the day to make some new own goals.

1. To start swimming once a week - I joined the particular gym I'm at partly because it has a pool but I've never had the guts to use it. I love swimming, although my technique is appalling, but being in a swimsuit brings up all those body image issues. I need to get over it. Hoping to go on Sunday mornings, when The Man in the Comfy Chair is at church.

2. To start learning te reo - like Pink Panda, I've put this on my list for 2006. I need a buddy to come on one of those reasonably intensive courses that AUT offers - Emburger I'm looking at you... But I can't start until I get back from my mini OE in July. So it's really a Second Half of the Year Resolution.

3. To eat breakfast - it just fell out of my routine back in T' Day at university, when I was going in to uni ridiculously early. Now the absence of the first meal of the day is creating problems. The Man in the Comfy Chair has been nagging me about this for years, so at the least it might make him a bit happier. The plan is to start breakfasting whenever I go to the gym before work and expand from there.

4. To take my lunch to work most days - I currently spend a fortune on lunches, mostly from the excellent deli in Kingsland, The Fridge, now that Savour has shut it's cafe. The problem is that I don't like sandwiches. Pastas and pita pockets are ok though. I've bought myself some spiffy coloured sandwich bags as a motivator (obviously won't be putting actual sandwiches in them however).

5. To make some decisions about my political activism outside work - I've been in a holding pattern over the last year really. I've found that the political work that my job requires has been enough to a) keep me happy and b) exhaust me too much to pursue much else. I think I really need to decide this year what my involvement can be outside of my job, and where that energy is best spent.

You can read about too. Plus there's the WSFA's resolutions for a variety of Sci Fi related persons (real and imagined) which may amuse Maia in particular.


Apathy Jack said...

"To eat breakfast - it just fell out of my routine back in T' Day at university, when I was going in to uni ridiculously early."

See, I avioded that probablem entirely - we'd both turn up to Uni as the sun was rising, and while you were off doing Stuff, I'd be at a vending machine getting myself Burger Rings for breakfast. It was the beginning of my quest for Adult-Onset Diabetes.

span said...

i did do a big line in Hash Browns for brekkie for a while, but not until after doing Stuff, so more like Second Breakfast as Merry would say.

Make Tea Not War said...

I'm thinking I should be more of an activist or at least less just focused on myself and my own family. I'm trying to come up with a plan of action that can be complementary to my job. It's hard though. So much to do so little time and energy.

Psycho Milt said...

Christ, no-one even gets me out of the house without breakfast. Even when I was doing 4 am shifts, I'd get up at 3 so I could stuff toast in me and make a thermos full of espresso (contents of an 8-cup stovetop espresso maker all to yourself, you can invade Russia on that).

Re swimsuit body issues - fuck 'em. When I swim for exercise I wear speedos because baggy shorts hinder the project, and anybody who doesn't want to look at some raddled old geezer in speedos can feel free to fucking look somewhere else. And anyone who feels inclined to comment will get to hear about what their mother did with the syphilitic sailors that resulted in their existence - leaving other people to get other on with their swimming in peace is after all not much to ask.

Grace said...

Breakfast is the most important me. I think if you do that you'll get on with the swimming etc. and you'll have more energy. Or so the research says.

As for politics it can be addicting. I've been involved for a couple of elections helping volunteer with the candidates I agree with and I enjoy it. But it can be tired. And if they lose, you may take it personally.

Good luck with the resolutions!

stef said...

Hmmm I didn't really realise how much I save on having a) a hot lunch provided and b) nowhere close by to buy anything edible would make such a difference in my wallet.

Oliver said...

Span, I'm kicking into Maori too. I've bought Teach Yourself Maori (which I've cracked into a bit), Pronounce Maori with Confidence (with a CD, which I've finished now and was really good to teach myself how to pronounce Maori properly) and finally the Reed Maori Pocket Dictionary.

We can do MSN dialogues in Maori!

span said...

Grace - never fear about me taking it personally - i've lost enough times myself! thanks for the luck :-)

Oliver - ok let's compare number of languages we know:
span: 1 (english)
oliver: a zillion (too many to list)
methinks you will progress somewhat faster than i! which is good because then you can translate a sentence someone texted me that i don't understand. but i digress - any tips for learning languages?

Little Girl in a Black Apron said...

kia ora! go the te reo :D