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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

it's not surreal it's blog death

Further to this post speculating about the future of About Town, it looks as if it is well and truly dead - sometime between the last post that Bloglines registered at 1.57pm (from Kate, didn't mention anything about a shut-down, just said she was off to Denmark and Germany and back at work on the 18th) and now.

Although I know they pissed off a lot of people with the AJ Chesswas Conceptual Art Project I will definitely miss them, even if they do all pop up somewhere else in different guises (eg Kete Were) - About Town was an interesting mix.

On the plus side this may mean that this blog goes up one on Tumeke's Aotearoa blogocracy list (see sidebar).


t selwyn said...

I didn't want to be the doom-monger but chaos is what I predicted and chaos is what we have. Realignment/Rapture? - the space-blog continuum is torn asunder. Bhatnagar gone, Farrar delinking, About Town gone.

And yes, you'll get bumped up one too!

stef said...

How totally bizzare. I liked their blog and will be sad to see them go. Though some of the stupid shit they got up to with the 'conceptual art project' that silly war they got into with the whig bordered on high school behavior.

Aaron Bhatnagar said...

I think that they did take their blog one stunt too far - and then on top of that they started to get a little too personal about themselves - Kate talking about putting food into genitals, Tristan and his various sexual thoughts...

Rich said...

I notice also that Jordan's talking about whether to carry on blogging.

I guess that there is a conflict between writing a blog and making a career in a major political party, as I think a few of the about-towners are doing. At what point do you start getting told to stop writing what you think and tow the party line?

That might not be the reason though.

Kate said...

We have just decided to move onto other blog projects. You will see me around no doubt writing about issues that interest me. I have noticed that I do need to be careful as I am interested in getting further into politics. We have all been pretty busy and I guess we just had to move onto whats best. I am sorry that I wont be able to write about personal things though, they certainly kept life interesting! I dont remember the post about putting food into gentials and I am sure the genitals were not mine! I am glad it left an impression with you Aaron and we can talk about that in more depth if you wish (as you know i have a thing for right wing men!)

Aaron Bhatnagar said...

Pardon me Kate. I was referring to this post found here:

I suspect that if you have political interests that you intend to further, not having a fucktard award on your latest blog might help :-)

Kate said...

But there are so many fucktards in this world that need to be outed!
I am not sure what I will post about first I guess we will have to wait and see - I am like a butterfly emerging!