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Friday, January 20, 2006

how do they know?

We got burgled again last night. Just the cars this time. Right outside our bedroom window, and we suspect that the cat was onto them because she started moaning about wanting to go outside around the time that they were breaking in, because we both heard a few suspicious noises but dismissed them. I got up to put her in the lounge and turned a light on, which probably scared them off, as they left their screwdriver behind.

I had left my work satchel in the car for the first time ever I think. I certainly can't remember ever leaving it in there before. I only did that because I had just picked Nickname Pending up from the airport and had instead got his bags out of the boot, and forgotten about my own bag which was in the front. Just as well really - because they popped the boot (along with the petrol cap) but there was nothing in there except some seminar pads and an empty plastic bag.

For some god unknown reason they actually turfed my diary out of my bag and left it in the car, for which I am immensely, perversely, grateful.

But what I am really fucking angry about was that they took a number of items that are of sentimental value to me and no fucking value at all to them.

In particular my spanner, which I uplifted from my father when I was about 10, is gone.

I am very sad.


David Farrar said...

I wish there was something one could do, apart from express sympathy. The sense of violation myst be awful, plus of course the irreplaceable stuff they took.

Maybe a rotweiller instead of a cat?

span said...

thanks DPF.

I actually don't feel any invasion of privacy and I didn't when our house was burgled earlier in the year either. I think it's because I can understand that to them it is an impersonal act - they just want money, and other valuable stuff they can turn into money.

But they can't turn my spanner into money. I'm the only person in the world that it means anything to and I'm actually totally gutted that it is gone.

I added it up and I think they could probably make $70 on the break-in. $30 of cash, $40 of vouchers that were in my wallet.

But to me that spanner is worth way way more than that. I was actually thinking last night of leaving it behind when we go to Europe, as I'm going to leave my valuable ring behind too even though I wear it every day, because I knew how devastated I would be to lose either item.

span said...

oh and on the cat issue - she actually did the cat equivalent of barking (ie meowed very loudly (and annoyingly) and attacked the blinds which is again very noisy).

but of course the burglar(s) wouldn't be able to hear that outside - that's where a dog's bark would have been an advantage. Mara is actually very like a small dog in some ways. But not as yappy.

I would really like to get a dog, but we can't until someone is going to be home more often - we both work long hours and have to go out of town a bit so it wouldn't be fair on the dog. Mara has doting neighbours to look after her during the day and is much more self-sufficient than a dog would be.

stef said...

Ick that sucks. I forgot how much crime there is new zealand.

Mr Stupid said...

Man that sucks. What a bunch of assholes. stealing the spanner just seems like they wanted to be vindictive.

The last time a car of time was broken into (many, many moons ago) nothing was stolen. But they decided to break two windows instead of just the one they needed to open the door. Was it incompetence or did they just want to break stuff? That was my old Ford Telstar, a bit of a junker. Funnily enough my Great Silver Ghost was never broken into in all 5 years I had it, despite the boyracer appeal.

Methinks you need a good, loud alarm system ...

A. J. Chesswas said...

I can't believe they stole your Spanner... I know it seems a silly and impossible sentiment, but I hope you get it back somehow.

span said...

Thanks guys - the spanner is quite small and was in a red cosmetic bag (which didn't really have any cosmetics in it, but would have looked valuable) - that whole bag and all it's contents are gone, so it wasn't anything vindictive.

I'm actually going to leaflet the neighbourhood and am thinking about offering a reward for its return. It will be someone in the neighbourhood.

Nickname Pending's car was broken into too - they smashed the little triangle window and emptied his glove box but didn't take anything at all. I'm not sure whether it's an insult to your music taste when they rifle through your CDs but don't five finger a single one...

Ghet said...

Oh, suck. We got done while we were on holiday. Like you, oddly, I don't feel invaded, or unsafe in my home, but I am hugely pissed off that they broke into my daughter's piggy bank and stole her pocket money.