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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

survival of the fittest

Hat Tip: Zedley (off-blog)

The Daily Kos has announced it's Golden Gould Award finalists for 2006 - to recognise and honour evolution deniers in all their bizarre glory. Kos lists the top ten sincere objections to evolutionary biology that it has genuinely spotted on the internet in the last year.

My favourites are:

5. DS I'm hoping you won't be like the others and we can have a nice two-way discussion were we each listen to the other persons. As long as you understand that evolutionists have no proof and just the tail on an amoeba is proof of intelligent design and that's my view and I don't really care to read yours.

4. Evolution? Isn't that what Osama ben Laden believes in? Isn't that what the Taliban teaches in their madroseos? Nice company you keep, terrorist.

2. Most mammals contain DNA similaities because mammals eat other mammals.

In short, a list of individuals who benefit greatly from the fact we breathe automatically.

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