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Friday, September 09, 2005

going back to what you know

I'm quite startled at Aaron's take on last night's TVNZ debate.

I really thought that Brash's performance was sub-par. It was certainly worse than the TV3 worm debate a few weeks ago, and you would expect him to be improving really as the campaign heats up and as he gets more experience.

It seemed to me that he was rattled very early on and then Brash did what most people do when they are scared or uncertain - go back to what they know. He didn't talk like leader of the National Party and an alternative Prime Minister.

Brash quite simply acted as if he was Governor of the Reserve Bank once again.

It was a bad look - too many numbers, and a complete inability to talk about anything but tax and related matters.

Government is about so much more than just tax. Yes what the Government does has a big impact on the economy and on citizens' pockets, but governing is also about hospitals and schools, housing and transport, our environment, the way we treat each other, etc etc. To only be able to talk about one thing, and to do that not so much as a politician but more as a bureaucrat, is a terrible failing in someone who would lead our country.

I just hope that voters can see this and tick those boxes accordingly in a little over a week.


Comrade_Tweek said...

He has to be kidding...

I thought that Clark came across as confident, clear and informed. Brash preformed better than he did in the last debate, but was defensive - hardly surprising considering the past week.

Peters was the worst performer of the night. He consistently went over time and couldn't answer simple questions with a yes or a no.

The 'clown of the night award' had to go to Rodney Hide. His answers to some of the questions were just fantastic - when in doubt, just throw in an ill-informed statement. Obviously, he was not "groomed" before the interview.

Peter Sharples was a very good performer. Articulate and clear in his comments, as was Janette.

Over all, I thought that Labour and the Greens did very well.

Comrade_Tweek said...

PS: You want a real what Anon has to say on Progblog.

Craig Ranapia said...

Comrade Tweek:

I'm only judging from the first five minutes (couldn't stand any more), but what's the point? Everyone looked like they were clinging to their talking points and focus-grouped buzz words for dear life - entertaining enough, but far from informative. But what the hell - it's pretty obvious Ralston has decided we're all fuckwits who can't handle anything with more substance than a cock fight.

I'm seeing no reason to change my call on the big losers this election: The folks whose election coverage is acieving the impossible - getting louder and dumber.